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International Tax

Posted by Admin Posted on May 27 2016

U.S. Inbound International Tax

International taxation includes the study of many countries´ tax laws and the international agreements among those countries affecting tax liabilities. U.S. International taxation involves 2 major types of activities crossing national borders: Inbound and Outbound transactions. 

- Inbound transactions occur when foreign persons conduct business in the United States or make U.S. investments.

- Outbound transactions occur when U.S. persons conduct business abroad or make foreign investments. 

Globalization and the constantly changing economic environment provides a number of challenges and opportunities for foreign-based Multinational Corporations with investments in the U.S. as well as those considering U.S. investments. Expanding your business to the United States or investing in the United States requires thorough and careful planning.

The complexity of U.S. tax laws and regulations has significant impact on U.S. investments and, importantly, the return on investment. The complexity of the U.S. tax system, coupled with the comparatively high U.S. corporate income tax rate, have led foreign Multinational Corporations to look for opportunities to efficiently manage their U.S. businesses while ensuring that their effective tax rate remains competitive. Companies must focus on cross-border tax planning strategies to help efficiently align their commercial and tax objectives.

Our firm specializes in the area of International Tax. We have vast experience in advising foreign investors in all tax aspects of their United States investment or business activities. So whether you are planning to open a business or invest in the United States, our dedicated international tax advisors can assist you with all your international accounting and tax needs. We will perform a detailed assessment of internal tax issues related to your specific operations and make sure you stay up to date on new tax, legislative and regulatory developments. Feel free to contact us!